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Top Ten Most Advanced Car Gadgets/Devices 2012

By Joe | July 11, 2012

 Top Ten Most Advanced Car Gadgets/Devices 2012In today’s world of advanced technology, we surely depend upon the devices that aim to ease our life, in the following list I have gathered some significant car gadgets that would not only put in more to drive, but will also guarantee that have a car can be so much more than moving.








Key Chain Digital Video Recorder1. Key Chain Digital Video Recorder:
The Key Chain Digital Video Recorder takes you much ahead of time by integrating the skill to detain high class photos and videos. Carry the keys and you will be allowed to get the action recorded in a flawless manner.








It is one of the useful car gadgets. The MIT device has been designed to provide the minute traffic reports and driving instructions while you drive.









Porsche Chrono Package3. Porsche Chrono Package:
The good-looking Porsche Chrono Package easily records the lap times right onto the dash. It also includes the capacity to download those lap times to show you are a genuine speed demon. It is a useful car gadget.








Portable GPS Locator4. Portable GPS Locator:
The Portable GPS Locator is planning carefully to help you find your car in the mystifying parking lots. The device offer one with step by step commands back to the vehicle. It is one of the important car gadgets.








High intensity discharge lamps5. High intensity discharge lamps:
By taking benefit of these high intensity discharge lamps, users can stay attentive when driving or analysis everything evidently without damage out their eyes. It helps the driver while driving.








 BMW iDrive6. BMW iDrive:
To guarantee a horizontal, safe journey, BMW has freshly improved this model with considerable features. The BMW iDrive present users a dependable medium to have power over every secondary purpose located on the car from dashboard location.








Headrest Monitor7. Headrest Monitor:
The Headrest Monitor can be working in order to make such days really exhilarating. Users can simply install LCD monitors and DVD players in their headrest and enjoy a fun ride. It is one of the useful car gadgets.








Satellite Radio8. Satellite Radio:
Satellite Radio has been designed to make life an easy task whether you want something or want it at some time; the gadget gives you whatever you want, whenever you want. It is very useful gadget of 2012.








Manettino9. Manettino:
Designed for Porsche, the control system allows users to make tradition settings according to their requirements and inclination. Be it some sport mode or race mode, the advanced device lets you do all. It is one of the important car gadgets 0f 2012.








10. Car Sandwich Maker:
The sandwich maker will add more enthusiasm while driving. It is designed for your car and advertises to be the most pioneering gadgets and products around.

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