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Top Ten Diamond Producing Countries of 2011-2012

By Lee | May 4, 2012

The diamonds are forever, a saying that has become quite a popular notion amongst all. The beautiful gem is one of the most sought after and expensive one and following is the list highlighting the top ten diamond producing countries of 2011-2012.

1. Russia: Russia has always been a big mineral producer, a country of large amounts of natural resources. Russia is the most dominant of the ten countries here with it having producing 22% of the world’s diamonds.

2. Botswana: The most significant mineral for the people of Botswana, the South African nation’s economy is extremely dependent on the gemstone and there have been attempts of late to remedy this. They make some 20% of the world’s diamonds!

3. Congo (Demo. Rep.): The country holds 30% of the world’s diamond reserves and has also been a minor reason for incessant war in the country. The Dem. Rep. is the third on our list with some 19% diamond production.

4. Australia: The country is rich in natural resources and is a known exporter of iron-ore and gold. Diamond mining is also a sizable business in the state with it producing 13% of the total diamond production.

5. South Africa: A country rich in resources and other aspects, South Africa made a percentage of 9 to make it to this list.

6. Canada: The North American nation features in the top economies of the world with several well-made and kept industries. One of the most affluent is mining industry with Canada making 8% of world’s diamonds.

7. Angola: Diamond and Oil represent a massive 60% of the country’s economy and it gets the 7th place with 5% of world production.

8. Namibia: very dependent of mineral production, Namibia is one of the world biggest exporters of Uranium and also contributes 1.3% of world’s diamonds.

9. Ghana: Very low percentage compared to the top ones but still a significant one, a major force in exporting of gold and diamonds.

10. Brazil: The South American nation is a relatively low player but still a one with its significance. The country made a 0.5% of the world’s diamonds.

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