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Top Ten Most Popular Chefs in the World 2012

By Lee | June 1, 2012

Chefs today are admired and famous in their personal TV shows where they distribute different recipes with fans. They have won worldwide appreciation for their obsession for food and devotion to present the greatest to the entire world. Below is the list of Top Ten Most Popular Chefs in the World 2012:

1. Gordon Ramsay:
Gordon James Ramsay is a big name in the cookery business. He was born in Johnstone in Scotland on November 8, 1966. He has become famous person in the UK and even come out on TV shows on food and lively cookery.

2. Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver ensues to be an English chef famous for his increasing number of television shows spotlight on food. A discussion on best chefs in the world remains incomplete without him. Jamie Oliver specializes in Italian Cuisine.

3. Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain, among the well-known chefs in the world, happens to be the principal chef of Les Halles located in New York City, has got more than 20 years of working experience in the cooking industry.

4. Paul Bocuse
Paul Bocuse is known as the father of the culinary art in France. On the instance of a presidential dinner in the Elysee Palace in 1975, Bocuse formed soupe aux truffles, the distinguished truffle soup in the world.

5. Thomas Keller
Thomas Keller, the owner and chef of The French Laundry situated in the Napa Valley of Yountville in California, Bouchon located in Las Vegas and Bouchon Bakery and Per Se at The Time Warner Center, New York City, is extensively familiar as one of the finest chefs of America.

6. Rocco DiSpirito
Rocco DiSpirito, born on 19th. November, 1966, His cooking experience began at the age of 11 in Nicolin’s (Mother) kitchen. DiSpirito is famous for his special fusion cooking and Italian-American dishes.

7. Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Johann Puck, an Austrian-American chef, was born on 8th July, 1949. He is a Los Angeles based restaurateur, businessman and television personality. Wolfgang Puck possesses an enormous array of restaurants.

8. Emeril John Lagasse
Emeril John Lagasse, a French-Portuguese-American restaurateur, was born on October 15, 1959 and is the chef-owner of many world-renowned restaurants of the United States. Emeril is also an author and television star.

9. Todd English
William Todd English, Boston based famous chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, television personality and a highly praised author was born on August 29, 1960. The public television show named “Cooking with Todd English” brought on-screen by Connecticut Public Television has made Todd English a well-known figure.

10. Charlie Trotter
Charlie Trotter was born September 8, 1959 and is based in Chicago. He endeavored into the cookery industry in 1982. Trotter is also a television celebrity, restaurateur and author. He has author of 14 cookbooks and 3 management books.

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