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Top Ten Female Fashion Models of the 20th Century

By Nancy | May 7, 2012

The Fashion change of the 20th Century contributed greatly in the change of women that we see today and the prime reason for it was the models that were everything that the world wanted to be. Here is the list of top ten female Fashion Models of the 20th century.

1. Marilyn Monroe: Is there even a need for description, Marilyn changed everything the overflowing sensuality and the gorgeous looks could have melted even the statues of Medusa.

2. Brigit Bardot: To be the base of idealization of artist such John Lennon and Bob Dylan is no small thing, the sexuality, the talent and risks she took changed woman around the world.

 3. Kate Moss: She singularly dominated the fashion industry for a decade and if you lived in the 90’s and did not recognize than you were officially living in a cave.

 4. Linda Evangelista: Featured on over 600 magazine covers, Linda was perhaps the first Canadian to break into the international Fashion Industry and she was well suited for it.

 5. Erin O’ Connor: One of the best models of the 20th century, Erin was born and bred in England and remained throughout her career a prime model for leading brands.

6. Bettie Page: Not noticed until many years later, Bettie Page was the world’s first famous bondage model and duly noted for her sexiness.

 7. Ursula Andress: The art model who received notoriety for her role in a Bond Movie, Ursula then became an acclaimed film actress and model.

8. Gia Carangi: The model who after her rise was considered to be the industry’s first supermodel. Gia after her rise in late 70’s and early 80’s was one of the first famous personalities to die from AIDS.

 9. Raquel Welch: Rachel started with working several jobs and it took her to her eventual goal of becoming a film actress.

 10. Cindy Crawford: When she started she was often named as Baby Gia but she would carve out a name for herself and become a supermodel too.

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