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Top Ten Most Popular Kids Cartoon Shows of All Time

By Joe | May 21, 2012

TV shows are a source of entertainment, fun and relaxing for kids. Present TV shows for the kids are made with high budget to provide full entertainment for kids so they do not feel left out. Usually on weekends kids need time to relish with their favourite snacks and most favourite TV show. From a long list these are the Top Ten Most Popular Kids Cartoon Shows of All Time:

1. Ben Ten
It is the favourite and most famous TV show for kids. In the world of animation it is very popular and loved not only by kids but elders as well. Due to its high popularity three of its seasons have been aired.

2. Dragon Ball Zee
It is one of the illustrious shows with all information on video games, online products for kids. It is a lovely show enjoyed by all children.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy’s stories are enjoyed by everyone as they are based on teen’s issues, fantasies and anxieties. It is very popular among the young kids in their teens.

4. Naruto
It is a tale of Naruto. Watching it grow into a Ninja is very exciting. It has aired many times since 2009 due to its high popularity.

5. Bleach
It is aired on cartoon Network. It is a renowned action-anime series in Japan and the United States. It traces the journey of a boy, Ichigo, gifted with supernatural powers, as he attempts to cleanse the world of evil forces.

6. Ghost Whispers
It is a show that is full of action, force and suspense. It is a tale of a supernatural world. Gordon talks to dead and kids love watching it.

7. Heroes
This reveals a theory of superhuman power with extra-terrestrial strength. On the other hand some people in other corners of the world start finding super human power within them.

8. Doll House
It is a story of dolls who act like an agent. They are active and they are bonded against dollhouse for five years to serve their clients. The dolls can be hired for performing any legal or illegal activities.

9. Pokemon
It is a kids TV show where Misty, Brock and their Pokemon Pikachu are set on the journey to become greatest monsters of all time.

10. South Park
It is an animated comedy which had been unique in its own way and known for crude and dark humor.

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