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Top Ten Boxing Nations/Countries in the World 2011

By Lee | September 29, 2011

Boxing has always been a demanding sport and remains the same today. The lives of the great fighters are there for all to see through which professional of many countries are emboldened and inspired to take up the gloves. Following are the top ten Boxing countries in the World in 2011, which are ruling the Boxing sport.

1. Mexico: Mexico has been the unconfirmed home of boxing for quite some time now. Nobody boasts as many champions’ indifferent categories than Mexico with champions in all four major boxing organizations.

2. Cuba: The state didn’t have a great boxing tradition until the revolution, and there were laid incredible plans for the betterment of boxing amongst many other sports. Schoolchildren are encourages to try different sports and should any of them show talent. They are carefully brought up and trained to be the gold winning boxers that they are.

3. China: Boxing was introduced in china by foreign sailors who went up against the locals in common fights. Though there are instances of boxing being started in early 19th Century. It was not until 1980’s that china stepped into the boxing ring against the world and are now constantly yielding better results.

4. Russia: The giant is still years away from coming up with champions of real substance but still Russia hasn’t disgraced itself and has done very well in the 2008 Olympics.

5. Japan: Japan has a very vibrant history as far as boxing is concerned, it was introduced to the nation in the early 19th Century and has since then progressed. The country experienced great growth and legends during the 60’s and 70’s.

6. Great Britain: The time is good for great Britain as champions gradually show their faces and take up good rankings, champions like Haye and Khan are just the starting and if their recent successes in Olympics are any clue than they are going only to get better.

7. France: France also has a very vibrant history in boxing; it was introduced to the region in the 18th century presumably by the British and has since been an important sport in the country.

8. Ireland: The Irish have a great history in boxing, they have shown themselves to be great opponents with many champions hailing from the state.

9. Mongolia: The Mongolia is moving greatly in the right direction, as they proved at the last Olympics where they had a fantastic showing winning two golds and silver.

10. Thailand: Though the conventional boxing is present in Thailand, it is overshadowed by the thai Muay Thai. Still Thailand is coming up with fighters of great precision and skill.

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