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Top Ten Swimmers in the World

By Sam | October 17, 2011

Swimming has transformed into an excellent extracurricular and healthy activity practiced all over the world. The following Swimmers are all greats in the sport with each being a multiple Olympic Champion. Here are the top ten Swimmers (swimming professionals) in the world.

1. Mark Spitz: A retired American swimmer, Spitz set 33 World Record during a span of just three years. His most successful outing to date has been his seven gold medals at the 1972 Munich games.

2. Matthew Nicholas Biondi: Three times Olympian, American swimmer Matt Biondi is a proud owner of 11 Olympic Gold Medals. For his many excellent achievements Biondi has been named in the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

3. Johnny Weissmuller: An actor, a water polo enthusiast but above all five gold medal winning Olympian, Johnny Weissmuller was a talented individual and a great above all else.

4. Ian James Thorpe: Ian ‘Thorpedo’ Thorpe is an Australian swimmer who has since participated in two Olympic mainly the 2000 Olympics which the huge Australian took by storm.

5. Michael Fred Phelps II: The most prolific Olympian in the last Beijing Olympics where he bagged no less than eight gold’s in different Swimming categories. The American is an incredible athlete with many world records to his name.

6. Jennifer Elisabeth Thompson: A fantastic athlete, American Swimmer jenny Thompson was written down as a great after her performance before her first Olympic but the great athlete failed to rise a great. Still the best female swimmer of all time!

7. Krisztina Egerszegi: Called the Backstroke Queen. Krizstina Egerszegi is one of the best Female swimmers of all time, the three times Olympian has since bagged 5 gold medals and is member of the Swimming Hall of Fame.

8. Dawn Lorraine Fraser: Dawn Fraser was a Australian Swimmer in the 60’s, amongst the first really great female swimmers of all time, Fraser earned five gold medals plus others in her Olympic Career.

9. Shane Gould: One of the most skilled and talented swimmers to grace the sport, Shane Gould retired from the sport surprisingly at the age of sixteen after the 1972 Olympic where she established several World Record and bagged five medals including three gold.

10. Kristin Otto: Another swimming great who graced the Olympics only once, Kristin Otto was an excellent athlete and won a World Record six gold medals during the 1988 Olympics after which she retired.

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