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Top Ten Aero-plane and Aircraft Manufacturing Companies in the World

By Lee | October 24, 2011

Every aero-plane, airplane and aircraft manufacturing company tries its best to produce highest-performing, safest and most efficient flying machines. Almost all latest and new airplanes offer redundant electrical and vacuum systems, enhanced engine instrumentation, airframe upgrades, such as built-in oxygen systems, air conditioning and TKS anti-icing systems. Here we have the top ten aero-pane, airplane and aircraft manufacturing companies in the world.

1. AAR Corporation is one of the world’s leading aviation support companies. It was founded in 1951. They provide a diverse range of products and services to the aerospace and government/defense industries. They have long list of customers including aircraft leasing companies; aviation support companies; OEMs; U.S. Department of Defense and their contractors; U.S. Department of State.

2. AviaBellanca Aircraft is an American company established in 1927by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca. Initially, they were known for low priced aircrafts. But then its aircrafts were famous for long distance flights. After the death of Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, the designer from Italy’s, came to the United States in 1911, and started making for them.

3. Blackburn Aircraft is a British manufacturer. Initially they were famous for maritime aircrafts but after that they started producing aircrafts. Blackburn Aircraft was founded by Robert Blackburn who built his first aircraft in 1908. They are known for their strong and powerful creations.

4. Boeing Company is a major aerospace and defense corporation, which was established by William E. Boeing in Seattle, Washington. Boeing is a very old company which has expanded over the years. It has also started its combined production with McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Boeing is the largest global aircraft manufacturer by revenue, orders deliveries and also the largest exporter.

5. Embraer-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica is a Brazilian company. When it started it was the sole company providing to the local market only but now it is one of the largest exporting company. They have also expanded their product line to defense aircrafts as well.

6. Airbus is also the leading aircraft manufacturing company. Its specialty includes the most modern and strong aircrafts. Airbus also relies on industrial co-operation and partnerships with major companies all over the world, and a network of some 1,500 suppliers in 30 countries.

7. Textron it was founded in 1923 as the Special Yarns Company by Royal Little, Textron NYSE. After that it was diversified with the production of aircrafts. It is a big company with 37,000 employees in 29 countries.

8. Bombardier Aerospace is the largest air plane manufacturing company. Bombardier’s most popular aircraft currently includes its Dash 8, CRJ100/200/440, and CRJ700/900/1000 lines of regional airliners. It also manufactured the Bombardier 415 amphibious water-bomber, the Global Express and the Challenger business jet. It is a well reputed company.

9. Cessna Aircraft Company though they are famous for smaller aero planes but they also produce business jets. Company started in 1911. Kansas built a wood-and-fabric plane and became the first person to build and fly an aircraft between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Cessna introduced sprung-steel tricycle landing gear, large fowler flaps, rear windows etc.

10. Al Mooney is working in this field for more than 50 years. Mooney Aircraft is a well known company that has been recognized by pilots worldwide as the leading designer and manufacturer of FAA-Certified, High-Performance, Single-Engine aircraft. They have specialization in fastest single-engine retractable, normally aspirated production of aircraft

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