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Top Ten Best Selling Mobile Phones in the World 2012

By Lee | July 4, 2012

Top Ten Best Selling Mobile Phones in the World 2012Mobile phones have the ability to access the web, listen to music, watch video, detain images and send and obtain multimedia files. As such, mobile phones have turned into an essential part of one’s life. Here are the top ten lists of the bestselling brands in the world 2012:









Nokia 11001. Nokia 1100:
A popular of cell phone users prefers the cell phone given its unfussiness. It is a GSM enabled phone and can be used anywhere that has a mobile phone coverage.













Nokia 32102. Nokia 3210:
The second best selling phone in the world today is a brand still from Nokia. So far 160 million units have been distribute by the company since its release in 1999.









Motorola RAZR V33. Motorola RAZR V3:
The Motorola RAZR still remains one of the most preferred mobile phones among users. To date, the brand has sold over 130 million units. The brand was part of mobile brands that included camera. Motorola RAZR has been rank as the supreme Gadgets of the Past 50 Years.













Nokia 33104. Nokia 3310:
Nokia 3310 is another brand from Nokia that is extensive amongst a popular of mobile phone users. The brand has up to now sold 126 million units plus. It is a Dual band GSM mobile phone.













iPhone 3GS5. iPhone 3GS:
iPhone from Apple revolutionized the world of mobile telephony. The 3GS is the best selling unit from Apple having shipped 30 million plus units. It is designed with a high resolution camera, high performance and a load of other features.













Nokia 21006. Nokia 2100:
Nokia seems to be the most preferable type of mobile phone given the brands that are featuring in the top ten. The Nokia 2100 is the sixth on the list having sold 20 million units plus.









iPhone 3G7. iPhone 3G:
iPhone 3G is also a cell phone made and promote by Apple Inc. In comparison to iPhone 3GS, this second generation smart phone has less features. It was released in the year 2008.













LG Chocolate8. LG Chocolate:
It is the best selling in the world having managed to move 15 million units plus. It is a slide phone and features MP3 player. The phone is manufactured and marketed by Verizon Wireless and was introduced into the market back in the year 2006.








Nokia 5800 Xpress Music9. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music:
Nokia 5800 was the first touch screen smart phone released by the company in the year 2008. To date the cell phone has sold over 13 million units.









BlackBerry Perl10. BlackBerry Perl:
BlackBerry Perl is one of the elegant phones to be released by Research in Motion. The phone features a high resolution camera, internet connectivity, removable memory, media player and QWERTY keypad among other features.

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