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Top Ten Luxury Hotels in Asia 2012

By Joe | July 2, 2012

Check Asia out this season, it has some of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels. Chill out Asia. Read this Top Ten list to choose your favorite hotel.

1. Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
It is located at an ideal location near Tokyo Station which makes getting around very easy. It has the most comfortable beds incorporated in the highest standard, tremendous rooms, awesome bars and quick service. The furnishings are chosen to be impeccable and are pure luxury. Visiting Tokyo? Don’t miss this hotel.

2. The Ritz Carlton, Osaka
It is well located in central Osaka, the rooms are spacious an airy, the staff so friendly and the food so scrumptious that you would certainly fall in love. It has exclusive club which offers complimentary food and drinks.

3. St. Regis, Bali
This hotel will cater your every need, with over the top service; not the one that’ll piss you off, relaxing ambience, palatial suite, little treats to make your day; free bottled water, very fast Wi-Fi.

4. Ritz Carlton, Tokyo
Situated in Roppongi Hills provides a spectacular view. The rooms are spacious with each giving a solid implausible view, not only this, rooms contain ample storage place which is a rare commodity in even the finest hotels. The most important part of it is the food, it is luxurious expensive but worth it.

5. Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok
It has everything a hotel should have, good food, lively ambience, comfortable rooms, large bathrooms, and at-your’s-service staff. You can check the reviews of the hotel, they can’t be better.

6. Park Hyatt, Tokyo
It is ranked no 1 out of 67 hotels in Shinjuku. It has a sound public space, gym, spa and many a restaurants. The décor amazing, ambience tranquil and good service, thumbs up. Check this place out if you are visiting Tokyo.

7. Four Seasons Hotel at Chinzan-so, Tokyo
This is the most beautiful hotel with the beautiful parks with lush green grass and all sorts of flowers; well kept. It offers great accommodation, luxury pleasure and entertainment at a decent price. The building may be outdated but the rooms offer adequate space and are well furnished. If you are in Tokyo and are low on a budget but still wants to treat yourself; this one.

8. Andara Resort and Villas, Kamala
It is located in Thailand and what a location it is; breathtaking. They have villas that you can hire privately. Not only this, the private villa that you will hire will come with a surprise, a pool. Well they pamper you and serve you so good like none can.

9. St. Regis, Singapore
It is ranked to be no 19th out of the 64 hotels in Singapore. The service of the hotel is what makes it most welcoming. It is lavishly decorated and you end up in a very relaxing and lively surrounding there.

10. The Peninsula, Tokyo
It stands at no. 4 of the 57 hotels in Chiyoda, well that explains a lot. It has a good location and comfortable ambience. It is a place where your privacy and comfort are best assured.

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