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Top Ten Most Beautiful Places to Live in Europe 2012

By Joe | July 2, 2012

Europe is the oldest and the golden continent. It is the land of ancient Roman Empire, the Vikings and the Greeks. This place belonged to the Olympus, Athens, Rome and Pompeii. It has god gifted beauty that is eye catching for the tourists. Mentioned below are the top ten stunning and most easy to live cities in Europe:

1. Duesseldorf, Germany
This place has proper infrastructure and international transport connections that makes this place a perfect destination to live. It has a superior quality of consumer goods and is considered the fashion and shopping capital of Germany.

2. Geneva, Switzerland
It is a beautiful place and it supports lots of expatriates. Other attracting feature is the presence of UN agencies and organizations such as the Red Cross. As a result, the city is geared to be global.

3. Zurich, Switzerland
Beautiful lakes and the restaurants are the most eye catching features. This county attracts expatriates through low tax rates and secondly residents pay no inheritance tax.

4. Vienna, Austria
It has superb and high education standard along with that proper infrastructure is an added advantage. The entire city center of Austria’s political, cultural and economic capital has been designated a UN World Heritage Site.

5. Frankfurt, Germany
The city has clean, big hospitals, shops and a thriving economy. The financial capital of Germany has some spectacular architecture and a vibrant cultural.

6. Munich, Germany
Munich is the largest city. It is best known for its annual beer festival, the city also enjoys a thriving economy, driven by the information technology, biotechnology and publishing sectors.

7. Bern, Switzerland
It is a great shopping stop with enormous shopping malls. This pace provides you excellent medical facilities. Though traffic is an issue but you can handle it with the use of safe and comfortable public transport.

8. Brussels, Belgium
The administrative center of the EU is among the best connected cities in Europe and has a large number of schools serving the expatriate community. However, it does have a large amount of traffic congestion in the city and air pollution.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
This city’ has best canals, parks and museums, and the greatest selection of international schools in Europe.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark
Living in Copenhagen is pricey, but the city brags 11 Michelin-star restaurants and claims to provide the best education and medical facilities. However, its love of bikes means that congestion is a little issue there.

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