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Top Ten Most Beautiful Places to Visit in United States 2012

By Joe | July 2, 2012

This nation is blessed with picturesque beauty that is natural as well as manmade. It has magnificent lakes, mountains; eat outs, shopping stops and much more. This place is an ultimate place to visit. Look down to discover the top ten best places in USA for visit:

1. New York City
Though it is expensive place but if your pocket supports you, you can afford it, no other city in the US has the range of attractions as that of NYC. It has the best of everything: culture, career opportunities, restaurants, shopping, museums, etc.

2. San Diego
It is a large metropolitan city that follows a simple lifestyle. It has best weather conditions. Along with that it offers large great beaches, restaurants and night life.

3. Destin Fla
You will experience the dramatic and beautiful sunsets, miles and miles of seashore and sugar-white sand all makes Destin, Fla the fabulous place in America.

4. Cape Cod, Mass
It is a favorite summer vacation destination. The 400-square-mile peninsula is filled with stunning beaches that attracts tourists. Sunset over there is the breath taking view at evening.

5. Los Angeles
It is a big city with a trend setting environment. It has spectacular views that are spell- bounding.

6. Dallas
It is a great city that has great amenities with easy accessibility. It supports low cost of living which makes it a perfect place to visit for tourist and is the major charm for expatriates.

7. Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole Wyo
The stunning view of the Grand Teton mountain range has kept tourists always attracted towards its mesmerizing beauty. It has the flavor of all four seasons in the winter to ski, spring to see the wild flowers, summer to hike and raft, fall to see the color changes.

8. Seattle
Unique colored skies and rain is the major point to consider before coming to this place. Otherwise it is a lovely place with a pleasant climate.

9. Washington, DC
It is the center of political power in the world. It offers great career opportunities and extensive cultural attractions. Being one of the old places it has many skyscraping buildings.

10. Asheville, N.C.
It is a small city tucked in the Appalachian Mountains rich with art, architecture and outstanding scenery. The outstanding artistic trees and flowers in the forest give you an experience of part of heaven on earth.

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