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Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong 2012

By Lee | August 23, 2012

Hong Kong is blessed with beautiful sightseeing, islands, and popular attractions throughout the land. You will have thousands of different places to visit and trillions of beautiful sights to delight your eyes from, once you land there. Enjoy top ten attractions in Hong Kong in 2012.

1. Victoria Peak
It is a mountain in Hong Kong and you must go there at night; awesome view. Go there to feast your eyes by viewing the Kowloon Peninsula with Hong Kong island buildings in the foreground.

2. Ocean Park
It is located in the southern district of Hong Kong. It is not only just an ordinary park; it is a marine mammal park, ocean-arium, and animal theme park. This park has won several awards to; the world’s seventh most popular amusement park is one of them.

3. Repulse Bay
It is one of the most famous beaches of Hong Kong. Repulse Bay is a residential it is best known for the gradual slope of water. It is so much fun being there in summer, though it is overly crowded.

4. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront
It is a major shopping and tourist area. It attracts many tourists because of its water front. It is a heaven going there at night when in dark the tall buildings along the harbor light up the bulbs and provide light which is picturesque.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland
It includes Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and retail, dining and entertainment facilities. Donald, Mickey and Minnie speak English and Chinese. Not worth missing.

6. Stanley
It is a small town away from Hong Kong, and houses the popular Stanley Market. The main attraction of this place is the building which is moved there stone by stone. This area also includes restaurants and shopping malls.

7. Mongkok
The word Mongkok means busy corner and flourishing in Chinese. This area is divided into two parts; the residential area and shopping area. It has a large market for birds selling and is famous for it too.

8. Tiantan Buddha
It is a popular tourist attraction and centre of Buddhism. Tiantan Buddha is a large bronze Buddha statue and is the world tallest outdoor seated Buddha.

9. Victoria Harbor
Victoria Harbor is located on the Victoria Peak. Nothing can compare the sight you see from the Victoria peak but this place is widely known for the magnificent panoramic sight of the peak. The vista is breathtakingly beautiful.

10. Avenue of Stars
It is located along the Victoria Harbor and is shrine to the stars. It is known as the monument to its golden screen stars. It also provides splendid views of the Hong Kong’s famous skyscrapers.

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