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Top Ten Photo Sharing Websites 2012

By Lee | April 18, 2012

The following photo sharing websites tell about the best ones among hundreds of other websites. This will surely help you to make better choice when choosing a website for sharing photos. Here is the list of top ten photo sharing websites 2012.

1. Phanfare
It is an amazing website if we talk in the context of quality service for sharing your photos and videos online. It offers the user with different features loads of different ways to integrate the service with software and devices.

2. SmugMug
The website has stylishly designed main page which gives top quality experience from beginning to end.

3. PhotoBucket
It is excellent photo sharing web site and also the most popular one. It gives best free memberships along with the paid one as well.

4. Flicker
It is one of the longest established photo sharing web sites on the internet along with the popular one of all the others so far.

5. Picasa
Picasa is by Google which is actually free for all the users. It is also an excellent tool by Google which helps to share photos in a very smooth way like all the other applications of Google.

6. Shutterfly
It is a fun and easy web site for storing photos online and they give the option of joining which is free and once you have signed up the prices for ordering prints are quite reasonable.

7. Photobox
Along with sharing the photos it also gives you the offer of print ordering service. It is not quite as glamorous as some of the sites we have looked at in this category but still it is working well.

8. Kodak Gallery
The service is brought to you by the very famous name Kodak. They also provide you with the printing service.

9. Snapfish
It is by Hewlett Packard, a fairly standard photo sharing and print ordering website.

10. Webshots
This website is widely used online community for amateur photographers to share photos.


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